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Monday, May 4, 2020

Quarantine Date Night Ideas

With restaurants and other date night spots being closed it may be hard to think of fun things to do together, but it is so important to still have "dates". You definitely don't have to go out to have a date night with your significant other and its so important to still have fun nights together even though we are quarantined. Here are some fun date night ideas that you can do at home (hubby and I have done these!). 

Backyard date night, quarantine date ideas, backyard inspiration
Teepee // Blanket // Pillows // Tray (similar) // Lantern // Kimono

Have a Backyard Picnic!

Hubby and I were so excited that it finally warmed up over the weekend so we decided to have a backyard picnic! Pour some wine, make a charcuterie board and watch the sunset! We set up this adorable teepee with a bunch of pillows and just relaxed. It was the perfect simple romantic date and you don't need a teepee like us, just take bunch of blankets and pillows and lay them in the grass or on the patio! 

Backyard inspiration, teepee, date night ideas, backyard decor

Backyard date night, quarantine date ideas, backyard inspiration

Have a Themed Dinner Night

Have a themed dinner! Think a Mexican night or Italian night! We had a Mexican night where we made tacos and margaritas. Pick a country and make food that is popular in that country, you could take it up a notch and play some music to fit the theme as well. Have fun with it and make the meal together!

Have a Karaoke Night

This is one of my favorite date night ideas. Hubby and I always have so much fun when we do karaoke nights together. It is such a great way to just do something silly and light hearted. The other night we did a country theme and sang all country songs together. There are so many themes you could do: 90's night, 80's night, pop, rock, ect. We have this Karaoke machine from Amazon, but you could also get something super simple like this handheld bluetooth microphone. 

I hope these ideas give you some inspiration and that you get to try them out with your significant other. Even though we are quarantined and you may be spending more time together then usual, it is so important to still set aside time for official date nights. The options are endless, just think outside the box and have fun!


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